Split expenses without complex calculations and awkwardness

Forget stressing about who owes who or when you are going to get paid back. With Splyt, you can split expenses in real-time and avoid the awkwardness.

Gather your group

Create groups for roommates, friends, family, classmates, co-workers, etc. Customize permissions, set limits, and chat.

Split Anything

Add expenses and share the cost with others. You can specify how to split expenses in a variety of ways such as even splits, exact amounts, by percentage, by plate, or with shares.

Easily Settle Payments

After you add an expense the members of your group will receive a request to pay. Whoever created the expense can use their Splyt card which is instantly funded by the group for the amount specified.

Seamless Payments

Paying with Splyt is super easy. Use the free Splyt debit card or account numbers provided for each group for things like rent