Share money and pay together without the awkwardness

Splyt makes it easy for groups to save, share, and split expenses like meals, rent, travel, and more.

Easily Split Expenses

Split one-time bills like drinks, dinner, or even recurring bills like rent, utilities, Netflix, and more. No need for calculators, spreadsheets, reminders, or slow payment apps. Just enter the amount, select friends, and Splyt takes care of the rest.

Do It All With Groups

No need for multiple apps to coordinate group spending — split, save, pay, invite friends, track expenses, coordinate plans, set permissions, and chat.

Pay Anywhere Using the Splyt Card

The Splyt Card makes paying super convenient in-person, online, with Apple Pay®, Google Pay™, or Samsung Pay. There are no credit checks or hidden fees.
See why people Splyt
"This is an absolute game changer for sharing expenses with my roommates. Can't imagine being without Splyt again!"
"I starting using Splyt for a bachelorette party and it made everything super easy to keep track of. We now use it for all of our trips and gatherings!"
"We use Splyt constantly with our friends and family. We put every group expense in there no matter how big or small."